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  • 2001 video and TV productions city of Westminster

Additional Information

Personal Profile

Highly experiences, innovative and committed Video film and Theatre director, photographer and cinematographer with experiences as executive producer, with credits on all issue film story and documentaries( fiction TV Italy)and (The Headliners living TV UK).

Multi-skilled, Italian,English, Spanish speaking highly visual, looking to learn his craft and progress into directing.

Exceptional skilled in finding actor characters and technical information's in high budget and low budget film or TV productions.

Key Skills

  • Film Director , who delivers to any kind of story but specialized in social drama.

  • Photographer with a particular cut into art photography with experiences into street and fashion as former director of fashion magazine.

  • Multi-Skilled with camera and camcorder skills a good knowledge of lighting.

  • Understand editing and copyrights rules and also acting and technical skills.


  • self-production and assistant DIRECTING of short films and documentaries and TV fiction:

"La luna di roma"(fiction, TV)

Assistant Director and Executive Producer of one of the most innovative fiction TV series in Italy which was produced with a very low budget,

He was also one of the main actor in the serie, his experiences help out

In all aspects of this new wave story.

"The Headlines" (fashion programme TV)

Free-lance Assistant producer in a very inexperienced team who need to be helped in all aspects of the production, DOP, scenario etc.

  • self-production
    and DIRECTING of short films and documentaries and TV fiction:

"Clonazione" drama, "Un Sogno Rubato" drama,

"Mercanti di Sogni" fiction,"Common Sense" fiction"Motorway"fiction:

"L'Assenza del Padre" documentary , "Il Volo" documentary," Lager Song "Viral video

Self production and directing Theatre play "Images Perdues" Drama/Noir in Paris,FR

  • Cinema performances as actor

  • Sogni…(drama) by Pasquale, a yang man in crisis

  • Il mistero del panino assasin(comedy)G.Soldi,an aggressive guy

  • Teste rasate Nazi Skin(drama)by C.Fragasso a Nazi skin in action

  • Se non
    avessi l'amore (drama) by M.Castellani a fascist during the II WW

  • L hombre y Ramon (drama) By F. Plazo a young Boss in crisis

  • Remsleff (drama) by Djib Diallo in the part of an angry chef

  • Theatre performance as actor

"Mr.Big" written by Woody Allen, directed by Diana Kavanklinska,

in the parts: Boss Chicago, Bodyguard, waiter

experiences as actor

  • Il Commissario Corso (telefilms Italy) in the part of a cop in action

  • Comedy Show (candy camera uk) a walker in discussion with a cop

  • Short Test (candy camera uk) of a person involved with a thief

  • La luna di roma (fiction TV) a security man in the nights life of Rome

  • Music& video

  • ''Anakapitonaka-you know wot it mean'' solo singer parody music Artist

  • "Lager Song" solo singer parody music Artist

  • "Vendetta noturna" jungle disco music performed as Rocco Caponero

  • Educations
    & Qualifications

  • 1990 Acrobatic Stunt School of Rome (OAC)

  • 1990 ENPALS (Italian Equity) qualification as stunt-actor

  • 1993 De Paolis Institute Rome training act and mimic

  • 1999-01
    City of Westminster course as video TV producer
    knowledge and use camcorder, camera slr basic edit skills

  • 2002-03 city of Westminster IELTS English Language

  • 2004 West-king College photography courses

  • 2004 July -Nov 04 NCFE certificate in new media design Adobe Photo Shop courses, Illustrator, indesign, internet use etc.


"14 to 16 October 2011 LONDON: ITALIAN, contemporary" LONDRA:
ITALIANI, ritratti contemporanei" portraits"Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre, Holborn Library, and the Mazzini-Garibaldi Club, the history of Italian immigration to London in the last two centuries. 39 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8NX (Italian Cultural Institute)

  • November 23 - December 5, 2009 "Into the Silence"

23 Russia Row - St. Paul London EC2V 7PG

  • 1st - 29th October 2009 FINE ART EXHIB

Unit 24, 20 Great Guildford St London SE1 0FD mail:

  • 27 Giugno '09 Asta a favore delle popolazioni colpite dal sisma in Abruzzo, con opere donate dagli Artisti. Auletta (SA) - Complesso Monumentale Jesus

  • 22 - 29 November 2008 WhyArts 155 Battersea Rd Pk London SW8

  • 26 October 20 - May 2007 Galleria Jeannine 33 Rue du Surmelin Paris Cedex 20 France

  • 29 Dec '06 - 20 Jan '07 Gallery Cassiopea Via Basento 24 (Parioli) Roma Italy

  • 2nd October '06 to 1st April 07 "GALERIE CORENTIN-CELTON"

4, parvis Corentin-Celton / 92130 Paris (art director: Luc Pays)

  • 24 Nov - 20 Dec. 2006 Galleria Cosmo Arte P.zza R.Romei 4 Caprarola (VT) Italy

  • 10 March 06 - 20 April 06 Gallery 20 Via celestino IV, Milan - Italy

  • 25 - 27 Jan. 06 Personal Photography Exhibition "ALIVE"


  • 2 - 5 December 04 Personal Exhibition "Scatti" at Palace Margutta Via Margutta 55 Rome 00187 tel:+393484929415 art Director Eva Czekl

  • I have been selected as photographer for Wandsworth in View 04 here the following Galleries: (info:

  • 1st April to 22 2004-Battersea PK.Gallery- 309 Battersea PK RD -London SW11

  • 23 April 24 - May 2004 Earsfield Gallery 276 Magdalen RD London SW18

  • 25th May - 28th June 2004 Wandsworth Museum 11 Garratt Lane London SW17

  • 28th June - 30th July 2004 Putney Library Disraeli RD London SW15

  • 2nd - 27th August 2004 Restaurant Gallery St.George'Hospital London SW17

  • 30th
    August - 26th September 2004 York Garden Gallery & Library 34 Lavender RD SW11

  • 6th DEC. 25th DEC.- Southfield Library 300 Wimbledon PK.London SW19

About Me

As you will see, I have gained invaluable experience in this field and development in other to improve my skills.

I am self motivated and can work within a team as well as Lead.

I have worked within a small team in Broadcasting here in the UK and another Team in Italy where I produced many kinds of programmes in video and TV making, fashion magazine and also photography

I had just finished a telefilm in Italy as photographer etc.,check out I had worked as A.P. and photographer to produce the UK TV show "The Headliners" showed on Living TV in UK.

I do not need a Visa to work in the UK as I hold a European passport.

I have a keen interest in Digital Art Photography and have participated
in an exhibition around Europe called "London a different cut".

You can find my profile and CV's on me personal website:

I appreciate your kind attention,

Yours faithfully,

Joe Palermo